Meet The Point School Team


Sean M. Rose, M.Ed.


Sean M. Rose, M.Ed. has more than 24 years of experience working with and advocating for the needs of families. He has held various leadership roles in the public sector, private programs and in municipalities. Over the years, he has successfully partnered with schools, clinical staff, educational consultants and community providers to help young adults overcome their mental health challenges.


Jason Cox

Director of Admissions /Owner

Jason is the Director of Admissions/Owner. He brings a wide variety of experiences and passions to the PSPR team. Jason comes to Point School PR with years of management experience in both therapeutic programming and summer camp programs.

Jason takes an active approach to working with clients and their families, but his work does not stop at the admission process. He continues to be involved with clients and their families throughout their time at Point School Puerto Rico. A major focus of his work with young adults is helping them find and pursue their individual passions. Jason understands that this often leads to young adults finding newways to be successful. Jason received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in Southern Urban Minority Politics from East Carolina University. Jason enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family. Jason enjoys taking his son on adventures across the country.

Contact Jason:   or 336-971-3434

Jillian Allen

Chief Executive officer

Jill Allen serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Point School Puerto Rico. She obtained a bachelor’s degree from Salve Regina University in Secondary Education. Jill is currently working to obtain her Master’s degree in Human Service Administration from Bellevue University. Jill began her career working in therapeutic boarding schools, where she found a passion for working with those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). After finding her passion, she then focused her efforts on becoming a Behavior Specialist where she helped middle and high school students improve their behavior in the school setting. While serving as Behavior Specialist Jill provided direct intervention, created school safety protocols, and served as the Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention trainer. Jill has also provided in-home supports to clients and families as a Case Manager and Supervisor with Boys Town of South Florida. While at Boys Town, Jill advocated for services for clients within their communities and provided parent support and training.

Throughout Jill’s experience she has focused on how to help staff and parents see client behavior as communication of needs. Showing both families and staff that if that if they look towards what is being communicated that we can find how to both decrease the behavior and more importantly help the client is Jill’s passion. She feels that with strong relationship building, clients feel safe to seek the help they need and will be more likely to accept feedback.

Jill originally joined Point School’s partner program, Brightstone Transitions in 2017 upon moving to Georgia. In her free time, Jill enjoys spending time with her family, reading, running, and travels back to New England to see family and friends.


Tina Cottone, LCSW

Director of Well-Being

Tina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in a variety of practices and professional settings.   Tina has worked in both schools and hospitals as a mental health provider and clinician. She has extensive experience with young adults, families and group facilitation.  She uses a strength based resilience model to empower others to become independent and self-aware, allowing students to move beyond their boundaries and prepare for future college or independence. Tina is a graduate of Marywood University, School of Social Work.  


Rochelle Toussaint 


Rochelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and is currently working towards an Equine Therapy PATH certification. She has 3+ years of experience working for mental health programs in Puerto Rico. She’s passionate about working with young people believing that when youth find their direction they can help the world become a better place. Rochelle grew up on the Flathead Reservation in Northwestern Montana, but made her home in Puerto Rico as a young adult. For her own well-being, Rochelle enjoys riding horses and doing fun water activities.


Kathy Hall, MS

Spanish Immersion Instructor

Kathy came to Puerto Rico to get her Master’s degree in Marine Biology at UPR 35 years ago, and has remained to wholeheartedly adopt the language and culture!  She holds teaching certificates in Biology, Environmental Science, and Elementary Education, and almost finished a second Master’s in Environmental Science Education at UMET.  She also is a certified surf instructor and coach with the International Surfing Association, and gives surf, snorkel, and SUP lessons.  Kathy has taken most of her classes in Spanish, and has realized that learning another language is much easier in an immersion setting.

Kathy is president of the Liga Ecológica del Noroeste, a nonprofit environmental group she cofounded in 1992, and vice-president of Rescate Playas Isabela, where she is in charge of the coastal water testing program.  She has gotten students involved in both taking samples, and learning how to run them in the lab to measure bacterial levels.  Kathy also works with endangered species such as sea turtles and corals, and enjoys every opportunity to get students involved in protecting them.



Point School Puerto Rico Mascot

Thor is training to become a therapy dog during his stay at PSPR. He hopes to one day become certified so that he can be a support system for a child with autism and/or anxiety. Thor enjoys going on adventures, swimming, and playing with his people.