Discover. Learn. Thrive.


Our hybrid model includes the components of a traditional gap year such as cultural immersion, experiential activities, and humanitarian efforts, and also includes additional structure and support in personal development and wellness.

The hybrid model also provides a supportive environment for young men to develop in their strengths, confidence, and positive self-identity. Support is delivered by the leadership team included our Program Director, Director of Well-Being, and trained mentors.

We achieve our mission through a three phased program intentionally designed to meet the individualized needs of each of young man. Readiness for progression to each stage is decided by the leadership team in conjunction with the individual.


Discovery Phase – Staff Guided – 30-60 days –  PSPR young men will VIA Character Strengths Survey and develop individualized goals for the program based on their strengths. They will gain conversational skills in Spanish.  They will participate in scheduled experiential activities and service projects; gaining exposure and basic competency in Spanish language, experiential activities, and service.  


Learning Phase – Student Directed-Staff Supported – 90-180 days – Clients will gain autonomy over their goal development by creating their own schedules. Schedules will include developing areas of professional and personal interests by participating in internship/volunteering, college coursework (if applicable), certifications, and/or experiential trips/activities. They will maintain and continue developing Spanish language and experiential activities. Clients will explore their personal strengths, self-identity, and motivation.


Thriving Phase – Independent-Student Directed-Staff supported – 30-90 days – Students will create a life plan for healthy and intentional transition into adulthood and/or college.  This plan will include resume development, preparation for university, and/or preparation for employment. They will be conversational in Spanish language and will step into leadership roles in experiential activities. Clients will experience intrinsic motivation and optimal use of strengths as they put their self-discovery process into action.