Discover. Learn. Thrive.


Our hybrid model includes the components of a traditional gap year such as cultural immersion, experiential activities, and humanitarian efforts, and also includes additional support in personal development and wellness.

The hybrid model also provides a supportive environment for young men to develop through our adventure based and experiential learning curriculum. Support is delivered by the leadership team that includes our Program Director, Director of Well-Being, and trained mentors.

We achieve our mission through a three phased program intentionally designed to meet the goals of each of young man. Readiness for progression to each stage is decided by the leadership team in conjunction with the individual and family.

Discovery Phase – Staff Guided –  PSPR young men will engage in the VIA Character Strengths Survey. This survey will help them develop awareness of their competencies. The competencies are then implemented through an experiential and adventure-based curriculum. This curriculum affords our young adults the ability to get to know themselves and their relationships with others through a cultural immersion opportunity like no other.

Learning Phase – Student Directed-Staff Supported  – Our young men will choose individual competency in the areas of adventure, experiential, service and/or academia. An intentional and specific curriculum is crafted to develop oneself in the areas of professional and personal interest. By participating in internship/volunteering, college coursework (if applicable), certifications, and/or experiential trips/activities they will maintain exploration in their personal strengths, self-identity, and motivation through this cultural immersion lifestyle.

Thriving Phase – Independent-Student Directed-Staff supported – Our young men will create a long-term action plan based on their strength and skill development for a healthy and intentional transition into their next endeavor.