PSPR’s Profile


Young men come to us seeking an exciting learning and adventure-based experience to help them grow in their strengths, self-identity, and self-confidence through cultural immersion.

We provide programming for males ages 18-22 years old with a willingness to participate in an exclusive adventure-based program designed to challenge their vulnerabilities. 

At Point School PR, we work with a small community of 6-8 young men at a time in an effort to stay focused on keeping up with each young man’s individualized goals and needs. This tight knit community affords our young adults the opportunity to learn through cultural immersion while building lifelong relationships with their peers. PSPR will consider each case individually during the admissions process. Our decisions are based on the safety and wellness of our clients.

Point School PR is an intentionally small community focused on keeping the milieu positive and healthy. Our individualized program is accessible to any young adult with a willingness to challenge their vulnerabilities and we consider each case individually during the admissions process. Our length of stay is dependent on which Phase is chosen. Our tuition is $7,900 per month (US Dollars) not including admission fees. 

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