At Point School Puerto Rico, we have developed a one-of-a- kind Hybrid Gap Year Model that supports male clients, 18-22 years old, who are searching for self-discovery and intrinsic motivation through strengths-finding, identity development, and purpose-driven experiences.

Point School PR will challenge clients’ self-perceived limitations while providing them with a broader understanding of the challenges of adulthood, a deeper sense of their personal capabilities, and the ability to succeed.  Through this broadened perspective of life opportunities and an increased sense of self competence and confidence, students will be ready to guide their continued growth and direction as they launch into successful adulthood.


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Our mission at Point School PR is to provide an individualized, dynamic gap year experience that promotes a healthy and intentional transition into adulthood for each client. Through a phased system of strength and self-identity development, island adventures, cultural immersion, and humanitarian efforts, we hope to increase each client’s resilience, confidence, and opportunity to thrive.


Point School PR will challenge each client’s self-perceived limitations while providing them with the skills necessary to take on the challenges of adulthood. Clients will gain a deeper sense of their personal capabilities and understand their abilities to succeed.  Each client will experience a broadening of their perspectives on life and self resulting in increased confidence, continuous personal growth, and a successful launch into adulthood.


Point School PR’s Hurricane Protocol

Puerto Rico’s hurricane season runs from June through October. Hurricane season is upon us again. Here are the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. Supplies: A month’s worth of the following supplies will be kept on-hand: Water Food items Extra fuel Materials need for securing the facilities Prescriptions … Continue reading Point School PR’s Hurricane Protocol

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Discover. Learn. Thrive.


Our hybrid model includes the components of a traditional gap year such as cultural immersion, experiential activities, and humanitarian efforts, and also includes additional structure and support in personal development and wellness.

The hybrid model also provides a supportive environment for young men to develop in their strengths, confidence, and positive self-identity. Support is delivered by the leadership team included our Program Director, Director of Well-Being, and trained mentors.

We achieve our mission through a three phased program intentionally designed to meet the individualized needs of each of young man. Readiness for progression to each stage is decided by the leadership team in conjunction with the individual.


Discovery Phase – Staff Guided – 30-60 days –  Clients will participate in initial assessments and develop individualized goals for the program. They will gain conversational skills in Spanish.  They will participate in scheduled experiential activities and service projects; gaining exposure and basic competency in Spanish language, experiential activities, and service.  Clients will become aware of individualized character strengths.

Discovery… (Phase 1)  

    • Assessment
      1. Clinically validated assessments
      2. Vocational and interest inventory
      3. Life skills assessments
      4. Medication assessment and review
      5. Academic  and records review
    • Meet with assigned residential mentor, clinician, and educational support person (treatment team)
    • therapy


Learning Phase – Student Directed-Staff Supported – 90-180 days – Clients will gain autonomy over their goal development by creating their own schedules. Schedules will include developing areas of professional and personal interests by participating in internship/volunteering, college coursework, certifications, and/or experiential trips/activities. They will maintain and continue developing Spanish language and experiential activities. Clients will explore their personal strengths, self-identity, and motivation.

Learn… (Phase 2)

    • Group therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Choose from predetermined “menu” of competency and strengths-based activities and modules
      1. Spanish as second language
      2. Scuba diving
      3. Sailing
      4. Surfing
      5. CPR and First Aid
      6. Driver’s Education
      7. College Coursework
      8. Internship or Volunteering
        • – ex. Coast Guard, Marine Biology, Hurricane Relief Efforts
      9. Lifeguarding
      10. Horseback riding
    • Individual Therapy 
    • Continue ongoing work with mentors/treatment team
    • Parents participate in coaching and support phone calls with clinical and treatment team


Thriving Phase – Independent-Student Directed-Staff supported – 30-90 days – Students will create a discharge plan for healthy and intentional transition into adulthood and/or college.  This plan will include resume development, preparation for university, and/or preparation for employment. They will be conversational in Spanish language and will step into leadership roles in experiential activities. Clients will experience intrinsic motivation and optimal use of strengths as they put their self-discovery process into action.

Thrive… (Phase 3)

    • Volunteering and Service work
    • Continue self-directed educational goals
    • Capstone track for completion and reflection on modules completed in Learning Phase, such as licensure, certification, life book
    • Intensive parent weekend
    • Connection to discharge community
    • Discharge needs assessment
    • Redo assessments completed in Phase 1 to assess for growth
    • Completion of a culminating experience with members of your treatment team



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Client Profile

Student Profile

Point School PR is a hybrid gap year program for young adult men who are fully capable of succeeding in higher education and/or the workforce but, for one reason or another, have stumbled while emerging into adulthood.

Young men come to us seeking an experience to help them grow in their strengths, self-identity, and self-confidence.

Males ages 18-22 year old with a willingness towards learning and self-discovery

Common characteristics of our young men:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low Impulse Control
  • Isolative Behaviors
  • Poor Self-Identity
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Poor Executive Functioning Skills
  • Failure to Launch

At Point School PR, we work with a small community of young men at a time in order to stay focused on keeping our milieu positive and healthy. Our individualized program can only be beneficial if we are growing and working as a team. We consider each case individually during the admissions process. Our decisions are based on the safety and wellness of our clients.  

Point School PR is an intentionally small community focused on keeping the milieu positive and healthy. Our individualized program can only be beneficial if we are growing and working as a team. We consider each case individually during the admissions process. Our decisions are based on the safety and well-being of the clients.

Length of stay:

9-12 months is ideal. This length of stay will allow room for full cultural and Spanish immersion, strength and self development, and resume-building experiences.



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Living in Puerto Rico

Living in Puerto Rico

As a territory of the United States, Puerto Rico is an island of rich and expressive beauty and culture. Located in the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is home to a wonderful array of food, music and family customs. Point School students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the colorful and vibrant traditions that define the Island. This is an experience that will help shape and inform their lives. It is an unforgettable experience.


The People

Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States of America, and are best known by their animated speech. Body language is an important form of communication, and using lively hand and facial gestures is not uncommon. They are also known for their warm hospitality and friendly expressions towards strangers. Greetings are often cordial and genuine. Handshakes are appropriate for first introductions, however, close friends and family members always greet one another with a kiss on the cheek.


The Location

Isabela, where Point School is located, is known as the “Garden of the Northwest” due to its vast landscape of wild flowers. Isabela is a coastal city with a prosperous tourism industry, yet is less trafficked than the larger cities in Puerto Rico. Vacationers and locals alike enjoy the beautiful beaches, outstanding panoramic views and other diverse attractions such as rainforests, rivers, lakes, cordillera mountains, submarine rivers and caves.  There are even archaeological sites presenting a rich historical culture.